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We are a small collective that research, design, and code digital environments. Our projects are on the intersection between academia, journalism, and society.

Most of our projects are self-initiated, but we don't like to build alone. We are always on the lookout for collaborations. If you have an idea on your mind, drop us a mail.

In our work, we value creativity, inclusive perspectives and narratives. Whatever it is, we try to get there with our partners. Together we create new digital environments.



Freedom of Information Act

Getting information from governments seems like a daunting task. The blinking cursor on an empty document makes you wonder where to start, but what if there was a form to help you along? In this project we search for the right format to make the Dutch FOIA act more easily accessible.


Historical Dutch-Asiatic Trade

The early European-Asiatic trade had a massive effect on our society. Some of the trade administration has survived the test of time and has recently been digitized by academic institutions. This project aims to make this data accessible for a large public through a data driven interactive documentary and physical installation.


The role of YouTube in the public debate

YouTube has a massive effect on our society. Where the public debate was previously held in local venues, in recent times these have more and more shifted towards closed environment such as YouTube. This project aims to make the public debate truly public again by making its content searchable.


  • Uhmmm is based in Amsterdam and New York. Our headquarters are in Amsterdam.

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  • Erik van Zummeren
  • Reika Chavers
  • RJ Korteschiel